Do you keep fish? Have you ever wanted to keep… frogs? Then this is the talk for you! This talk will show the diversity of aquatic amphibians with emphasis on common species in the pet trade. It will also show how you, an aquarist, can breed and raise animals like dwarf frogs, axolotls, and more.

Speaker Bio:

Heather Burke- a 30 year old aquarist from Charlotte, MI who has been keeping fish for over 15 years. She got her degree in Fisheries and Wildlife from MSU and has worked in the aquarium industry for almost a decade. Her interests in fish are broad and range from cyprinids to wild-type livebearers, dwarf cichlids to ricefish, and anything else she can get her hands on. Heather’s interests over the years have extended to keeping and breeding other animals such as amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles. This is her first dedicated talk on the subject of amphibians, with added insights from a master herpetology course and two years working for a frog breeding facility.