9:00 AM – worker set up

10:00 AM – seller check in and buyer viewing

12:00 noon – auction begins

Auction Chairs: Amanda & Mike Williamson

To obtain a Bidder/Seller number, please contact:

Aaron Glass ( or (262)436-1157


Forms for registering as seller at the auctions are linked below. You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader program to use the forms.


Auction Labels

MAS Consignment 1-25

MAS Consignment 26-50

New Auto-fill Auction Consignment Sheet! Just type in your Member #, Name, Address, Phone, and Consignment Sheets and the Labels automatically get filled in -Big Time Saver!

We will now be accepting credit card payments at auctions. No more running to the ATM because you got in a bidding war over that bag of mixed guppies.

As a reminder – please don’t forget to cash or deposit the checks you receive for your auction earnings within 90 days after receiving them in the mail or picking them up at a meeting/event.