The Breeder Award Program (BAP) recognizes the achievements of MAS members’ endeavors to breed fish.  The program encourages members of MAS to:

  • breed fish.
  • share knowledge about the spawning and growing fish.
  • distribute fish between club members
  • become active in the club, expanding the experience of membership
  • recognize the achievements of program participants

MAS members breed fish for points, which are accumulated to reach individual achievement levels and for annual awards.  Point values for each species vary depending upon the difficulty of spawning and raising the fry.  Fish that are submitted for BAP points are donated to the club for auction at the general meetings, and the proceeds from those auction sales support MAS programs.

Here is a synopsis of the basic system for participating in BAP. To be a BAP-eligible spawn:

  • There must be five healthy fry of at least 45 days of age.
  • The member must own the parents of the fry and their spawning must occur under the direct care of the member in their home.
  • A spawning report must accompany the fry when they are submitted (link to spawning report is on the right side of this page).
  • Higher level species require a breeding article to be submitted to the Splash editor before points will be awarded.