April 21, 2023 | Andy Hudson | Breeding Geophagus

He is a long time aquarist, having begun his fish keeping journey when he was only 10, going on to work at a fish store at 15. After attending college and earning a bachelors degree in aquaculture, he went back to work at the same fish store for a few more years. In 2006, he began a professional career in the fish industry, accepting a job at Central Aquatics in Franklin, WI working in research and development, a position he still holds today.

As a member of several fish organizations, including the Milwaukee Aquarium Society (where he is treasurer), Andy has won numerous awards and has achieved Ultimate breeder status. He has bred more than 187 species of fish but considers cichlids, especially South Americans, some of his favorites. His modest fish room of 35 tanks keeps him busy when not working or spending time with his family.