This presentation is an effort to share the methods that have worked for me in caring for and breeding Corydoradinae catfish.  While there is no single “right” way to breed Corydoras, I have found some repeatable processes have allowed me continued success with many different species. Whether just trying to take better care of your Corys, or taking steps to reproduce them, the information in this talk will hopefully help!  The talk is geared toward general aquarium society audiences (hold the science please), but I feel even the most experienced Corydoras breeders will be able to learn something new, or have some new information to take away from the presentation.

Rob McLure is currently a member of the Milwaukee Aquarium Society in Milwaukee, WI.  With over 35 years of experience keeping fish, he has tried virtually everything (especially in his college days) from big cichlids to mini reefs.  Rob has bred more than 100 species of aquarium fish and currently maintains more than 50 tanks in his small basement fishroom.  He has focused almost exclusively on Corydoras for the past 8 plus years and has managed to breed 70 plus species in the Corydoradinae group to date, almost all of those multiple times.
Rob was introduced to Corydoras when his father bought a few”Julii catfish” at a local pet shop for his younger sister “Julie”.   These were fascinating to watch and throughout the years he always found room to keep some of the small and interesting bottom dwellers.  Several years back, after a club breeding program started spawning spree of 25 different fish in one year, Rob decided he wanted more focus in what he was doing.   Out of all the fish spawned that year, the Corydoras paleatus were by far the most fun so the choice of what to focus on was easy.    Rob hopes to continue breeding and enjoying Corydoras for as long as he possibly can.